We begin with the client having an initial idea of what they would like i.e ( quantity , shape, colour, size etc.)

We then design 3 ideas so the client has something they can decide on aesthetically as they require.


As there are many different effects that can be manufactured in or on an acrylic award or deal gift i.e encapsulation; and item of print inside an acrylic block. laser etching; When the surface of the acrylic is scorched by laser to create a matte effect or shape or text.

Facets; where the edges are cut and polished to a very slight angle giving the effect of looking like crystal.

We usually suggest a couple of these variations as there are many, that clients may not be aware of and we try to give as many possibilities as possible.


Once the client has chosen the aesthetic we then go on to design a final proof.( we would require vectored artwork at this point.) Vectored files are high quality artwork that can be amended if needs be by the designer before the final product is manufactured.

The preferred files are i.e EPS, Ai, PDF.

(We may need to prototype detailed awards to make sure the desired  aesthetics can be produced).


The final product is then created, hand finished, checked, packed and then sent to our clients.

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